Empowering Elumians: The Arcane Governance Platform

Legends of Elumia
3 min readSep 28, 2023



Hail Elumians,

YOU now have the opportunity to shape the future of the game via the Arcane Governance Platform! Holding ELU tokens in your wallet grants you a direct vote on game design and other decisions directing the future of the project. For example proposed new game features, events, zones, mechanics and more!

Follow the instructions below to have your say in the future of Elumia!

  1. Navigate to the Arcane Governance section of the Emporium — https://app.elumia.io/governance

2. You will see the latest proposal with its description, click Vote Now to be taken to the proposal detail page.

3. On the proposal detail page will see a countdown timer displaying the voting time window (when it begins and finishes).

If you wish to participate please ensure you have a balance of the ELU governance token within the wallet linked to your game account BEFORE the vote opens. You can acquire ELU here

The quantity of ELU relates to the voting power being used in the voting option selected, the larger the quantity the stronger the vote.

When the timer finishes and the voting goes live, you can vote your chosen option.

A snapshot is taken of all ELU wallet balances, and your voting power is then registered and used as a reference if you choose to participate (ELU stays in your wallet at all times)

4. When you cast your vote your voting power is shown, press Confirm.

Sign the transaction request by clicking the Approve pop up to finish the vote.

Your vote is then cast, and the current status of the vote is then displayed.


About Elumia

Legends of Elumia is a next-generation, massively multiplayer online role-playing game(MMORPG).

In the Elumia world, players have full ownership of their characters and equipment, with multiple fun opportunities to gain loot or glory by completing dungeons, winning battles against other players, and defeating challenging bosses.

Elumia sets itself apart with its high-quality graphics and feature-rich, fun gameplay based on true ownership and control of virtual assets. Players can team up to complete multiplayer dungeons, socialise with friends in the Elumia city, and engage in fierce player vs player duels.You can find more information about Elumia by visiting the links below:

Website https://www.elumia.io/

Twitter https://twitter.com/PlayElumia

Telegram https://t.me/Legends_of_Elumia_Official/

Discord https://discord.gg/playelumia



Legends of Elumia

Elumia is a next-gen MMO. Players have full ownership of their characters and gear, with multiple fun opportunities to gain loot & glory by completing dungeons.