Heroes From Distant Worlds, Heed Our Call | Legends Of Elumia Genesis Staking Instructional

Legends of Elumia
3 min readAug 15, 2022


Hello fellow Elumians! As we prepare to launch our Genesis Character Staking Event, please read this instructional to learn more about

● What the Staking Event is

● How to Stake

● And any extra goodies we have in store

This Genesis Staking Event is your opportunity to own rare collectible NFT characters and lay claim to an Elumia City Citizenship!

Get in early and be the first to own a completely unique FREE genesis Character NFT for Legends of Elumia.

Explore worlds unknown, overcome challenges, face off against fierce creatures, and uncover riches untold.

The Genesis Staking Event will go live on 15th August, 2022!

Benefits for Stakers

  • Claim chests which each reveal collectable Genesis Character NFTs (each unique with random traits)
  • Elumia Citizen Private Discord Role
  • Alpha test access

Elumia City awaits! And from within its walls, you shall travel to wondrous worlds unseen.

What Is The Staking Event?

The Staking Event is a limited time event where you can stake $ELU as collateral in exchange for a Character Chest. Each Chest will contain a randomly generated, totally unique, Character NFT.

Your Character NFT is what will allow you to explore the realms, dungeons, cities, and raids that Legends of Elumia has to offer.

The Common Character Chests are FREE, and the more $ELU you stake, the more chests you can get. Additionally, you have the option to stake for 3, or 6 months . The longer you stake, the less $ELU it would take to claim a Chest.

3 Months Staking : (20,000 ELU)
6 Months Staking : (10,000 ELU)

However, there will only be 500 Chests in this staking event, so make sure to grab yours before they’re all gone! Maximum 10 chests per wallet.

How to Stake

Common chests are FREE but require you to stake $ELU as collateral. The longer you stake, the less $ELU is required to retrieve a chest.

1. Select how long you want to stake for

2. Choose how many Chests you want to claim

3. Click “Stake ELU”

On August 30th, 2022, your chests will unlock and reveal your Genesis Character NFT decked out in Unique, Random Traits!

Please note: For the Genesis Character Staking Event we recommend the use of the Phantom wallet.

Bonus Goodies

But be on the lookout! You may have noticed that Common Chests are free… but what about other chests?

What if you had the opportunity to upgrade your chest to Epic or even Legendary?…..

About Elumia

Legends of Elumia is a next-generation, massively multiplayer online role-playing game(MMORPG).

In the Elumia world, players have full ownership of their characters and equipment, with multiple fun opportunities to gain loot or glory by completing dungeons, winning battles against other players, and defeating challenging bosses.

Elumia sets itself apart with its high-quality graphics and feature-rich, fun gameplay based on true ownership and control of virtual assets. Players can team up to complete multiplayer dungeons, socialise with friends in the Elumia city, and engage in fierce player vs player duels.

You can find more information about Elumia by visiting the links below:

Website https://www.elumia.io/

Twitter https://twitter.com/PlayElumia

Telegram https://t.me/Legends_of_Elumia_Official/

Discord https://discord.gg/playelumia

Medium https://playelumia.medium.com/



Legends of Elumia

Elumia is a next-gen MMO. Players have full ownership of their characters and gear, with multiple fun opportunities to gain loot & glory by completing dungeons.