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Legends of Elumia
4 min readApr 4, 2022


A pleasant greeting to my fellow citizens from across the realm! Gather around for the most spectacular event that Elumia has ever seen! THE LUMIE LOTTERY!

Some look stunned to hear such an event. Well my fellows, Let me tell you more.

Long ago…well, not so long ago. The leaders of Elumia, gathered to discuss the welfare of the kingdom. There, they partook in many things of great importance, but one item was of higher importance than the rest. The growth of the great city of Elumia.

It was set, they were to bring an event that brought adventurers from far and wide through the power of the people. And thus, I bring to you what is now…The Lumie Lottery.

How does it work? The Lumie Lottery brings together tasks for adventurers to partake in in order to gain entry into the lottery. Then the mystic creature, Lumie, selects the winners at random. One does not need to have high charisma, oh no, this can be done by anyone.

Lumie Lottery is a weekly event that encourages the citizens of Elumia to spread the word to those throughout the lands. By taking a moment of your time to complete the most basic of quests, gives you an entry into the Lottery.

But say no more, look at the quest board right here to learn much more, including those tasty rewards that will make any adventurer weak at the knees.


Our beloved Citizens of Elumia,

As with any great city, the welfare and development come first before any personal gain.

Henceforth, the goals of the Lumie Lotteries include:

● Spreading the glory and honor of the Legends of Elumia and the City.

● Strengthening the bonds created, building the community, and most importantly, making our name known in all the realms.

Quests given by the City of Elumia.

The following quest will be given to those who wish to participate in our weekly event at random and in the event of special Lumie Lottery weeks include multiple:

● Following us on our official Twitter page

● Engage in timely posts on our media platform, i.e., liking and retweeting structured posts on the Twitter page

● Joining the community on discord

● Joining the community on telegram

● Scanning contents on a structured poll and selecting key items on it

● Identifying a specific character by guessing the name of said character

● Studying visual artifacts (videos) provided for all participants

● Dropping comments on different posts on our platform

● Journeying through a website

● Inviting a friend to tag along with you in these conquests

● Plus more potential tasks that may come up from time to time


Those who complete the tasks given in the event will be eligible to enter for their chance to win:

Weapons: Elumia houses the finest weapons in the realm and this is your chance to win one. Some may even be legendary.

Jewellery: Rewards that fall under the jewellery class are symbolic to the Legends of Elumia. These adornments also serve with hidden effects.

Nonspecific in-game items: Much like Jewelry, these also give certain effects to one’s character.

There are times when the City of Elumia will hold special events, and as such while the tasks may be more involved, the rewards are substantial:



  • To be eligible for entry, all participants must use the gleam entry each week to enter for a chance to win.
  • Tasks are to be completed for entry into the draw.
  • Participants may enter each week for a chance in the draw. The previous week's tasks are null and void in the following week.


  • Legends of Elumia in-game prizes will be distributed to accounts after the game launch.
  • Unless noted otherwise, prizes are not NFTs.
  • Contestants can win in multiple weeks as this is a Lottery system and winners are chosen at random.
  • Prize amounts displayed each week are what the rewards will be and the number of winners may differ as well.


  • Any sharing of vulgar material during the contests will result in a permanent ban from the Lotteries.
  • Associating Legends of Elumia with anything but as described in the competitions will amount to a voided entry.

You can find more information about Elumia by visiting the links below:





*Possible rewards are subject to change (removed/added to) in the future.



Legends of Elumia

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