We joined the fine people at Firestarter to answer their community’s questions about Legends of Elumia. This is how it all went, with nuggets never-before-revealed.

Legends of Elumia
8 min readFeb 24, 2022


The content has been slightly edited for clarity and length.

Thanks to Jorge of Firestarter for inviting us!

Legends of Elumia <> FireStarter AMA

Tell everyone about Legends of Elumia. What is it?

Well… it’s first and foremost a state-of-the-art massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG)

It’s built with the added opportunities in gameplay that metaverse gaming presents, where players own their items, their land and buildings, and can buy, sell, and trade in real, equitable ways.

What chain is it on and any partnerships you can talk about?

It’s on Solana.

We’ve announced a couple of partnerships with Animoca Brands, Alameda Research, GuildFi, Good Guild Games, PathDAO, and more. There are others to come. The backbone of the game and the development team has attracted plenty of interest.

What makes Legends of Elumia a premier GameFi project?

First, it’s a really fun, cool game!

It is — and always will be — the focus to build a premier MMO. Those games are, by definition, really big. Really big. But that’s something this experienced team is used to building and shaping, which is why we’re extremely confident that the game will be appealing to gamers beyond the initial interest of crypto fans. Its heart and soul is a game by gamers for gamers. An old line, but very relevant, especially in this space.

What is the utility of the token?

Elumia uses two tokens: $ELU (Elumia Crowns) is used for governance (being actively involved in the ongoing direction of the game) and in-game activities. ELU holders also get access to early game releases and upcoming NFT drops.

$EKS (Elumia Krystals) are the core of the in-game economics for trading goods and items, and earned during gameplay.

Players will be able to upgrade weapons and armor etc.?

Most definitely.

As with other MMOs gamers will be familiar with, the opportunities will be there to seek out raw materials (buy, trade, and sell them) and craft or have them crafted into increasingly better items.

WOW! Can we have a flame sword please?

Well… if you look closely at some of the assets we’ve released… But no promises!

When can we expect to see gameplay, and play the game?

The team is hard at work on building all the assets and mechanics. We’re releasing some more gameplay examples and information very soon. As for playing it, we have an alpha release slated for the end of the quarter, and quarterly updates from there. We’ll consistently update through our Discord on access to that and all the mechanics involved.

We do have a roadmap on the website that you can check out (subject to tweaking depending on what Covid or the world throws at everyone!)


How long has this game been in development?

The core idea of how to build a MMO for the metaverse has been in the team leadership’s minds for a very long time. Some of the core building blocks have been in place for a while, with the attendant experience of having worked on many other popular and successful MMOs, and the ongoing design and integration continues apace.

Could you name drop some of the popular games, and do you have any major gamers involved in the project?

Most of the team, aside from having worked on a slew of games, also play them constantly, for fun! But some of the team have experience on Warhammer, Final Fantasy, Guild Wars, D&D, and more.

The team are core gamers, building a core game, which is part of why we feel it stands out in this space.

Can you tell us more about the team?

There are currently about 40 on the team working on different aspects of the game. From past projects there is existing server architecture to build on, and then talented artists creating the visual style and designers providing the purpose.

It’s a full game development team blending many years’ experience with youthful talent, ambition, and ideas.

What does the marketing plan look like now?

It looks like word documents and spreadsheets! I think, maybe, even a slide presentation! But seriously, we’re working on a lot of the specifics as we nail down production milestones, event opportunities, and the cadence of asset and news releases along the development roadmap.

We have a very healthy, engaged TG community and growing Discord channel where we’re continually talking to folks and turning followers into fans. Because we’re nice people, and you’re going to like our game!

But we also have over 100 KOLs in addition to the guild partnerships who will help increase awareness and onboard new players. The core focus right now is on building the game and building the community.

Everyone, please follow and join their Discord — very excited for this project!

Come join the conversation! We’re nice people!


You said that the EKS token will be used for the economy balancing mechanic. How will your economy balancing system work and which coin will we use to purchase in-game items?

In-game items are purchased with $EKS. The team has many years’ experience balancing MMO economies and we expect that to be very smooth at launch.


I saw that you recently announced your partnership with Animoca brand. So, is there any plan to make a token sale on Animoca launchpad? Besides this when are you planning to launch your IDO. As current market condition is not stable will you wait for next bull run?

We’re working to our own schedule, but like any business are cognizant of what is happening in the world around us. We’ll have more specifics on this very soon.


Is there any story you want to share with us?

We can’t wait to share the background lore to Elumia, the Infinite Tower at the center of the city, and the background behind the surrounding lands. But a little patience there as we begin to roll out these details.

Mr Watson

Will we be able to upgrade characters and items in the game? Is it possible to enhance in-game items with customization and additional features? How are we going to use the ELU token for all this?

Upgrading characters and items will be possible and will utilize the $ELU token (also used for other big picture facets of the game). $EKU is the core in-game currency that you will earn during your adventures and use to buy new items, etc. And yes, you’ll be able to enhance items. As a continuous live service (as with any MMO), we’ll continue to add options and allow further customizations.


How will you manage your project to get your position on the market and become the best project in the blockchain world?

I think this boils down to experience. From a game design standpoint, our team leadership has many, many years under their belts building and launching games in this space. In addition, those past projects also provide a known entity in the underlying technology, server architecture, etc.

Personally, I suspect many abandoned projects are from groups who didn’t realize that making games — any game — is hard. Building a MMO to be competitive in this space takes a lot of key pieces coming together. We feel that we have that.


Can you give us an overview of your gameplay? Everyone is saying that it is going to be the new World of Warcraft. Are the graphics and gameplay really worth the hype?

Fundamentally, we really believe that Elumia will be the best game visually on release. We’ve seen commentary about the game being WoW for the metaverse and firstly, it’s a huge compliment.

Secondly, it’s a ton of pressure (those teams were and still are absolutely massive). But most importantly, we’re honored to be mentioned in the same breath and it’s a goal to take that and deliver on the promise, and we focus on that every day.


Regarding marketing, what plans, ideas, and next steps does the Elumia project have to attract investors and users? Do you intend to leverage the popularity of social media to make it even more popular?

As mentioned, our immediate focus is on two areas: building the game and building the community. The first provides the fodder to feed the hopes and dreams of the latter. So as more assets are polished we’ll share with the community and build awareness through ongoing engagement, asking questions, listening to answers and suggestions, and keeping the community at the forefront of our thinking across all elements of production.

Alita Bettal

Sir, when it comes to security, the game is pretty hackable. So, can you tell us more about the security of Legends of Elumia and players from hackers? Has your contract and game been carefully checked and tested before?

Since the game hasn’t been released, it’s not “pretty hackable.” Obviously, security is a huge factor for any game, and for one as large and complex as Elumia, we’ll have numerous measures in place to secure every players’ items, character, NFT collection. Given our experience with a server architecture that has been developed, refined, and had everything thrown at it over ten years, we’re very confident in having a system in place that keeps everyone and everything safe.

Big Boss 30

Early investors are always rewarded but most of the investors sell the token from the IDO right after listing on first exchange. Can you tell us why should investors hold $ELU token for the long-term and what benefits will they get for holding?

Fundamentally, deeper and deeper engagement in a flourishing, thriving, entertaining, and fun game world that offers tons of opportunities to explore, to adventure, to meet and greet, to trade, to find parties, to defeat bigger enemies. Tons to do. So, we see the value in holding tokens being that they could deliver more options and opportunities as the game world and economies develop.


How can the Firestarter family help in increasing the awareness and hype of Legends of Elumia? (Besides incessantly tweeting about it on social media, because we’ll already be doing that!)

I like this question, and a good way to wrap up! Talking about the game always helps. Sharing thoughts and ideas with us, wish lists, must-dos and don’t dos… we listen to them all. Engaging with us on the Discord particularly (or Telegram) ensures that the team sees the comments and can see if or how they can be adapted or adopted into the core design. So, share thoughts there, and with each asset drop we’ll be showing more of where you can explore, adventure, dual, and party-up.


One last time, please follow and be part of an epic community:

Official Website: http://elumia.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PlayElumia

Telegram: https://t.me/Legends_of_Elumia_Official/

Discord: https://discord.gg/playelumia



Legends of Elumia

Elumia is a next-gen MMO. Players have full ownership of their characters and gear, with multiple fun opportunities to gain loot & glory by completing dungeons.