Time to Level up! Elumia Item minting is now live

Legends of Elumia
3 min readNov 15, 2023


Hail Elumians!

We are pleased to announce that item and loot minting is now live!
Please see the instructions below.

Instructional for Legends of Elumia — Item Minting

  1. Access Your Inventory:
  • Visit the Emporium website and then navigate to the “Inventory” section.
  • Click on the “Items” tab.
Click Inventory section on the top of the navigation bar

2. Transfer Out of Game:

  • Within the “Items” tab, find and click on the option labeled “Transfer out of Game.
Click the Items tab and then the Transfer button on the bottom right

3. View Your In-Game Items:

  • A list of your in-game items will now be displayed.

4. Select Items for Transfer:

  • Click Transfer Items To/From Game
  • Select the items you wish to mint/transfer to your Solana wallet (recommend Phantom ).
Select the check box of the item/items you wish to mint or transfer

5. Fee Calculation:

  • Be aware that different rarities of items may incur different fees.
  • Note: If this is the first time the item is being minted as an NFT, a Solana minting fee will apply.
  • After the item has been minted, a small ELU fee is required to transfer assets in and out of the game. ELU can be acquired Here
Sol minting fee only ever occurs once when the item is initially minted, after this only ELU is required to transfer that asset in and out of the game

6. Confirm Withdrawal:

  • Confirm the withdrawal of the selected items from the game, if using Phantom wallet, a pop up box will appear for you to confirm the NFT mint transaction.

7. Wait for Confirmation:

  • It may take up to 5 minutes depending on network traffic for the transfer to be completed. Please be patient.

8. Check Your Solana Wallet:

  • Visit your Solana wallet to verify that the items have been successfully transferred and minted as NFTs.

9. Returning Items to the Game:

  • To bring your items back into the game, go to “My Inventory.”
  • Select the “Items” tab and click on “Transfer to Game.
  • Please Note: Small amount of ELU is needed to perform the transfer
Once item is an NFT only a small ELU fee is needed to transfer item in and out of the game

10. Trade your Items:

  • Now that your items are nfts you can now use 3rd party marketplaces like Magic Eden to buy and sell your loot.
Please only visit the Items collection via official links as shown here or our official marketplace links in discord

Note: Please ensure that you have sufficient Solana and ELU balance to cover any associated fees, and always double-check your transactions for accuracy. If you encounter any issues or delays, consider reaching out and raising a support ticket in the Legends of Elumia discord .



Legends of Elumia

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