Unleash Your Inner Hero: Legends Elumia Game Launches and the Adventure Begins!

Legends of Elumia
4 min readApr 19, 2023


The adventure as just started! Legends of Elumia is now live, this is just the beginning!

Hail Elumians!

The time for adventure is here as we proudly announce Legends of Elumia is now Live!

Now all game progress will be stored permanently, and stay tuned for minting items into NFTs as well as new content releases!

In order to play LoE , please follow the 3 steps below:

  1. Currently the game requires a Genesis digital collectible (NFT) to play, we recently held a Free Mint Event where players were able to acquire Free Genesis characters. Each character has unique traits and skills that level up as you play. In the future, we’ll be releasing more character mints and introducing new ways to access the game as we grow the player populationThis Is Just The Beginning!
    So keep an eye out for upcoming announcements. In the meantime you can acquire characters from other players on secondary markets like Magic Eden.

2. Make sure you have a wallet installed on your desktop browser that supports the Solana blockchain.

Supported wallets are: (We recommend Phantom)

3. Create an account on the Legends of Elumia marketplace with your wallet connected to it. https://app.elumia.io/staking

Supported browsers are Microsoft Edge, Safari, Chrome or Firefox.

Only ONE wallet can be connected to an account and this wallet cannot be changed or removed later on. If you need to use a new wallet and have an old account already associated with a previous wallet, you will need to create a new account.


If you need to create an account, click ‘Login’ in the top right hand corner, and in the pop up window click ‘Create account’ at the bottom of the pop up box. Fill in all required information and click ‘Submit’ at the bottom:

Once the account is created, a login window will show up, type in your username and password and ‘Login’.


You will see another pop up window, asking you to connect the wallet. If you’ve set it up properly before, it will show that the Phantom wallet is detected — connect it by clicking on that line.

That should show a notification that the wallet address has been updated successfully.

Keep in mind, that the wallet address and your account are linked permanently. If you’ve got another wallet with different NFTs, you’ll have to create a separate account for it.

Click on your username on the top right hand corner, and go to your inventory. Once there, click ‘Transfer items to/from game’.

Choose the character you want to play, and click ‘Transfer now’ on the right hand side:

Confirm transaction in the pop up window and in your wallet (will appear automatically):

The transaction fee is really small, less than 0.00001 SOL, but it’s not 0, therefore you need to have some SOL in your wallet to pay for the transfer fee.

Once you’ve got your NFT character locked in your wallet and connected to Elumia marketplace, you’ll be able to download the launcher:


Click ‘Download Game’ banner, unzip the downloaded file then open Launcher.

When you run the launcher, you might first see a blue windows pop up saying that ‘Windows protected your PC’ — if it does, click on ‘More info’ and then ‘Run anyway’

Once the Launcher opens, click ‘Download Game

And once the download completes, click ‘Play’- this will actually start the game where you can sign in with your account (the same account you’ve used to sign in on the marketplace website), choose your character and start playing!

All your digital collectables that are transferred into the game can be seen on the character selection screen



Legends of Elumia

Elumia is a next-gen MMO. Players have full ownership of their characters and gear, with multiple fun opportunities to gain loot & glory by completing dungeons.