W3GG / TreasureHunt / LOE— Epoch Character Minting Guide For The Rise to Power Game Event

Legends of Elumia
3 min readDec 12, 2023


Every Elumia character has unique skills and traits, and can be levelled up as your progress though the game!

Rise to Power — Minting guide for Epoch Characters

To take part in the Rise to Power prize event, players need an Epoch Character Collectible to access. For each minted Epoch, holders can claim 1x W3TH Mystery Box. Holders who HODL and Level Up their Character within the Elumia game stand to receive up to 9 additional W3TH Mystery Boxes as rewards for their progression — 1 W3TH Mystery Box every 10 Levels/

📢 Whitelist Round…. Live Today (12/12/23) in : 3 PM UTC = 10 PM UTC+7

Rise to Power Epoch Mint Website and Create account here ➡️ : https://www.treasurehunt.hk/elumia-mint

Check Your Whitelist here ➡️ : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JoeZOfGZafVLa6BX0nOEzgU3m6yxoxmiSEOeZOdbb1M/edit#gid=0

How to Mint Guide ➡️ : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QZ1SIWxcZbo1UXVtU9Qvu-fc_jabJ2UjkOWC9x9_3HM

Game Download ➡️ : https://nft.elumia.io/downloads/launcher.zip

Check your Mystery Box : https://www.treasurehunt.hk/w3th-mystery-box

Event Access Whitelist Round
Date : 12 Dec 2023 3pm UTC
Price : USDC 40
1 Whitelist spot can mint up to 5 Collectibles / wallet

Event Access Public Mint Round
Date : 13 Dec 2023 3pm UTC
Price : USDC 50
1 Whitelist spot can mint up to 5 Collectibles / wallet


Whitelist spot can mint up to 5 Collectibles / wallet

- Use Solana chain + Phantom wallet to mint

- Whitelist mint use 40 USDC per 1 Collectible

- 1 Whitelist can mint = 5 Collectibles

- Level up every 10 Level can claim 1x W3TH Mystery Box ( Random rarity — Common — Legendary )

> 🎁 Common Box — USD 0.20–30 worth of physical item

> 🎁 Rare Box — USD 69–240 worth of physical item

> 🎁 Legendary Box — USD 1000–15,000 worth of physical item

- Delivery fee 5 USDC. Treasure Hunt will sent to your Mystery Box 5 days after you enter your delivery address and pay for the delivery fee.

Any concerns related to the game event, minting, and mystery boxes — please join the TreasureHunt Discord to get support and further info. Link : https://discord.com/invite/playtreasurehunt

About Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt is an innovative gaming platform that allows gamers and communities to win valuable real-world prizes through tournaments and gaming events.

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About W3GG

W3GG is the exclusive official guild partner of Yield Guild Games in Southeast Asia with grassroot footprint in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam. W3GG aims to lead the way in web 3 adoption in SEA and provide opportunities for learning, growth, jobs and entrepreneurship to the SEA community, whilst making a positive impact in the gaming industry and beyond.

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About Elumia

Legends of Elumia is a next-generation, massively multiplayer online role-playing game(MMORPG).

In the Elumia world, players have full ownership of their characters and equipment, with multiple fun opportunities to gain loot or glory by completing dungeons, winning battles against other players, and defeating challenging bosses.

Elumia sets itself apart with its high-quality graphics and feature-rich, fun gameplay based on true ownership and control of virtual assets. Players can team up to complete multiplayer dungeons, socialise with friends in the Elumia city, and engage in fierce player vs player duels.You can find more information about Elumia by visiting the links below:

Website https://www.elumia.io/

Twitter https://twitter.com/PlayElumia

Telegram https://t.me/Legends_of_Elumia_Official/

Discord https://discord.gg/playelumia



Legends of Elumia

Elumia is a next-gen MMO. Players have full ownership of their characters and gear, with multiple fun opportunities to gain loot & glory by completing dungeons.